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Changes with (2019-11-25)

Fix: When having multiple projects open layers display did not update. This could even lead to crashes because of executing functions on wrong layers.

Fix: Mouse wheel not working in embedded windows mode.

Changes with 7.2.3 (2019-11-16)

Added typical layer handling functions to the Layers menu.

Fix: Mouse wheel using wrong operation. If a dialog was open and mouse wheel used then the underlying window sometimes executed its mouse wheel operation instead.

Transparent brush color can now be imported as well with the brush color import function (menu Colors/Import Colors from Brush). The transparent color (if any) is marked by some orange bar and placed at the end of all colors to be imported.

Fix: Different problems when importing data from Windows clipboard. Transparency was mixed up and sometimes “Paste Frame” did not work at all.

Prior to NG the Alt key was used as pipette option to replace a color you click on.
With NG this was changed so that Alt picks up opacity and Alt Gr is replace color mode. This was a mistake, because of two reasons:
Alt should have staid as it was and Alt Gr should have been added to pick up opacity.
Alt Gr does not even exist on all keyboards.
New approach:
Alt is used to replace the color again
Right(!) Ctrl key is now used for picking up opacity (Alt Gr does the same additionally).

Allow isometric angle locks with Shift when drawing straight lines or polygon lines.

Fix: Polygon tools didn’t capture mouse movement correctly. When leaving the canvas window the lines where interrupted.

Fix: Brush used wrong size when grabbed with freehand selection.

Fix: Some glitches with color palette selection (e.g. when selecting a palette in project creation window).
– the system searched all files in folder tree. This is now limited to 2 levels
– files that where 768 Bytes in size where incorrectly recognized as color palette

Fix: Error when using gradient color sort function in gradient editor

Fix: Clicking into PM with middle mouse button when comming from another app did a tool operation (e.g. drawing) instead of moving canvas when there is a pinned window.

With menu Edit/Insert Frame global layer palette is not deactivated anymore. Instead the layer palette is used and the frame pixels are remapped to it.

When turning a project into a tile map then it is automatically resized if it does not fit the tile size.

Fix: Import colors from brush reverted the brush the one that was pick up instead of the current one (e.g. imported from clipboard)

Changes with (2019-10-06)

Fix: “Paste” menu entry in color palette window sometimes disabled even if there is paste-able data in the clipboard

Fix: Merging two layers on the layer stack not working. Contents of lower frame where removed.

Fix: Color remapping creates wrong colors when importing from true color (e.g. load true color images or paste from clipboard).


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