A new update with tons of new features is now available.

Changes include:
- revamped tile mapping system
- individual transition and halftone patterns
- real time gradient filling preview
- create animations from drawing history (drawing operations can be turned into an animation)
- solo layer toggle (Alt + click on layer eye symbol)
- aligned zoom
- pixel size scaling when exporting images/animations
- new layer effect to apply index shift or separate color palettes
- lots of fixes
... and much more...

For a complete list of changes please see here:
https://www.cosmigo.com/pixel_animation_software/changelog for details.


pro-motion-ng.exe 6 MB
May 05, 2019
pro-motion-ng.deb 29 MB
May 05, 2019
pro-motion-ng-mac-os.zip 85 MB
May 05, 2019

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