A downloadable Pro Motion NG for Windows

pro motion is a drawing software to quickly create pixel precise images, animations, sprites, tiles and tile maps as used in games.
It is ideal for artists working on detailed graphics as used for mobile systems like smart phones or handheld video game devices like Nintendo DS.

It also suites well to create light weight graphics for the web or web based applications and games.

Key features include
- Animation and image layers stack including effects, flattening...
- Gradient engine
- Engine to create graphics used as endless tiled patterns
- Use and create multi colored bitmap fonts
- Realtime Tile Map creation engine
- grids engine to use any type of grid including Isometric, Octagon, Box
- Extended Color Palette Editor to Cut, Move, Insert or Modify Ranges of Colors

Use the Free Edition or unlock pro features like
- Key frames
- Advanced masking
- More layers (and functions like lock or duplicate layer)
- Pixel perfect drawing
- Modern multi layer light table system
and much more...


pro-motion-ng - 7.0.4.exe 4 MB