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Pro Motion NG

pixel art tool 4 sprites, images and tile maps · By cosmigo


Recent updates

Version available
Changes with (2019-11-25) Fix: When having multiple projects open layers display did not update. This could even lead to crashes because of executing fu...
3 files
Version 7.2.2 available
Major Changes You can now define a frame range when exporting animation data. Layer based selections: Ctrl +… selection actions for layers when clicking on ey...
3 files
A new update with tons of new features is now available. Changes include: - revamped tile mapping system - individual transition and halftone patterns - real ti...
3 files
Version 7.1.8 available
Changes with 7.1.8 Mac OS and Linux version based on Wine including a couple of compatibility changes that where required to be more compatible with Wine. New i...
1 file
New version available
I did not regularly update the entry of this application. So here is a full history of all changes from 7.0.7 to 7.1.7 Not every function is available i...
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